Below are some fun things for you. Particularly the wallet notebook sketches and the drawing process tutorial.

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Mike at his drawing table

Painting out on the deck

An early "Bad Tabitha" sketch

Commissioned comicbook character drawings

Commissioned character drawings (faces)



Mike carries a tiny book in his wallet into which he quickly jots ideas. Here are pages from that.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

At a dance club in Ohio

Some character studies

Some "Devilish" girls

4 "nice" girls,...minus 1

Gang o' nuns

Camp Runamuck


6 clever ideas

Troika on a train

Words as funny as pictures

Get your girl on!

Great girl names

3 nice life-sketches, 1 showstopper

Sexy gowns

A nice sampling of outfits

Fantasy scenario & a nice swimsuit



Though they are not to his general pin-up tastes, occassionally Mike doodles erotic subjects. There's two reasons for that. One, his customers sometimes commission him to do erotic drawings, and his wallet sketches are used to work out ideas. Two, as he says, " I prefer to keep all doors open at the rough idea stage, because sometimes, I learn new things."

WARNING: If you are under 21, skip this section.

Fabulous backsides

Nudes & near nudes

Sweet and Wicked

Wargoddess and Slavegirls

Some neat, sexy poses

Two really nice rear-view bedtime nudes

3 nudes displaying their intimate charms

2 Leg Studies and 2 teasing Lolitas

A verb as a last name?

4 different ideas, 1 SUPER drawing!

"String Theory" explained

Tree Hugging

A walk to work

Three girls from life and 1 super-cutie

Return of Miss Swallows and a pixie

Nice shorts!

Malice in Wonderland

Plan B and one wicked swimsuit

Pixie, Angry, Sweetie, "Sling" Theory

Floating swimmer and a good poolside pose

Drop dead sexy layed out nudes

A nice batch of oversexed nudes

The idea for the 2nd drawing's a killer!

2nd sketch, be preparred to laugh out loud

Any Harry Potter fans out there had THIS idea?

Bondage anyone?

This doll jumping a puddle is just perfect

A great page!

Some bondage

A great "brat"

"Storytelling" with a single picture



The first 15 minutes

The next 30 minutes

The next 3 hours