mmm..."Daydreamer" sure looks comfy, I wouldn't mind joining her. And, at bottom, the astonished "Nude Baby" is very cool piece of line art. Notice how mike fills the lower right space with a teddy speaks volumes.

However, the majority of my attention goes to the easily overlooked girl stepping in a puddle. There's something great here. Of course, there's the requisite Mike James "PowerLegs", and breasts that REFUSE to be contained. But there's something ELSE,... some extra, subtle messaging that makes this brat just maddeningly sexy. Despite her firecracker HOT body, those teasy, ludicrously small shorts, and hair-trigger temper, she seems a total "touch-me-not"...dainty...pampered. A bitchy little thing, intolerant of anyone invading her regal space. It's a wicked combination, that body and that attitude. I believe Mike's cleverly communicated in just this simple scene that this girl's in DIRE need of a spanking. And I guess that explains the gnaweing EXTRA arrousal I feel. I want to be the one to give it to her, really badly

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