These pages are designed to be "supplemental" to the well-known "JamesArt" webpages. You won't fully comprehend what you're looking at here, unless you first familiarize yourself with Mike's Girl Art. So, before going through these webpages, logon to the world's most amazing GirlArt pages at:

If you are an old-timer to the almost decade-old Jamesart webpages, you're set to peruse this fun addition to

Lots of folks write Mike with all sorts of questions. Questions like, "Where are you located?" "What's your studio like?""Where do you find your gorgeous models?" "Where do those sexy outfits in the photos come from?" "What material do you use to sculpt?" "Do you use #2 graphite pencils to draw?" "Do you go to any Tradeshows?" ... It's endless. We finally decided to do something to help you curious folks out there get the gist of what goes on here.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, Mike gathered some of his personal photos together to show you. There's lots here...over 150 pics. The selection was made based on one of two reasons. One, it should be interesting. (We've all seen those "vanity" homepages, where folks post pics of their pet parakeet, or something of no interest to anyone but them.) We definitely didn't want that. Mike feels THESE pictures are informative, they either reveal a process, or provide a certain flavor to life here. Or, they're funny. Or, if you know ANYTHING about Mike, they're frequently sexy, a good enough reason to post a pic all by itself. So peruse to you're heart's content. This site was built as Mike's little "thank you" to all his fans.