Top left...clearly, the narrative idea came first. I most like her "ten hut!" nipples. What's sets Mike's ideas apart is that he's a consumate story teller. His pictures are almost never just pictures of pretty girls; there's often subtext to the image so naturally folded into the picture it's almost invisible. For instance, check out the high-kicker top right. She's showing off her moves. Her words indicate she's oblivious to the vulgar view she is giving us. This reveals 3 facets of her character. She's sweet, positively thrilled to entertain us. Two, she's innocent, unaware she's even CAPABLE of inducing desire. And three, she's simple-minded, vulnerable, easily manipulated. How many artists can get all THAT into so simple an image? It's easy to miss the nuances, but there lies the genius. The last "Wish Gone Wrong" sketch also implies a longer story, like a single panel pulled from a comicbook.

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