Some ideas here for you bondage fans. Plainly, Mike does legs like no one else. But he seems to have a penchant for hairless pubic areas. Asked about that, he says, "It's mainly aesthetics, I don't like fussiness. It's easier to just draw little humps than hair. Plus it says something sweet about her, that she's considerate, made herself all fresh and tidy for you."

This is as good a place as any to comment on Mike's humor. I think it SAVES him. The "Passing the Bar" title is clever and funny. Iwouldn't say it would be an "artless" sketch without the title, just more vulgar and blunt. On the bottom left, notice how the simple addition of a tossed coin transforms a clever but visually rude image into something almost hilarious. The ping of the coin hitting the floor is practically a "rim shot" to the smart. And the poor girl secured to the chair in the MOST compomising situation possible, is perfectly, and comically levened by her complete non-recognition that she's not in control that's funny.

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