"Honey Burrows"... in-DEED! [sic]. Nuff said. The "Nervous Bride" is another semi-awkward pose that nevertheless manages to be extremely sexy for it; her ear to the floor, almost like some fake excuse to get her back half up in the air. As for the 3rd sketch...You know, I'm sure I've probably seen hundreds, if not thousands of nudes in men's magazines. But nothing I've EVER seen there, even comes close to the sexual impact of Lost in Lust". It's a strong piece of imagineering. Consider this...having her arms bound tightly behind her back, has the effect of DOUBLING the impact of her wide-open legs. I don't think that's accidental. It's a DYNAMITE nuance. Add to that, a sweet, bleary-eyed lust-smeared face and you've got pure, unadulterated, sexual plutonium! And the final sketch of 2 girls catfighing over a guy is a very well-choreographed scene. Yes they're FIREY angry with each other. But note the extremely arched back of the girl on the bottom. Their denuded privates practically kissing.

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