Because the pose is so simple, I think Mike sketched the first girl (top left) from life. This cutie with her lollypop seems to have inspired Mike with the idea that she had an "oral" fixation...with a NAME to match it. The Catgirl chilling on a building ledge would make a great color poster, I think. The last page (bottom right) seems to show a standing nude girl, until you read that she's wearing a flesh-toned, skin-tight, body suit. Interesting psychologically. Being fully covered, she obviously feels clothed enough to openly "display" herself. Wrong! Every contour, every bump and crevice is plainly visible. This "mistake" in judgement keeps her innocent, thereby generating MORE erotic tension than if she were ACTUALLY nude. And, BTW, I want to be president of "Wiggin's Widgets". :^)

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