There's a LOAD on this page I like. The poor sap top left obviously got stuck with an evil "breast-man" for a plastic surgeon. The ass/leg combo on the top right drawing is positively "worship-ready". Of course SHE assumes everyone's admiring her brand-new, super-cute, heart tattoo [sic]. The tennis girl at bottom left can "Beat me silly" ANY time. The unbounded joy of her face reminds me of the same style exuberance found Dan DeCarlo's comicbook girls (attached sample).

My hands-down favorite sketch though, is the last one. This knitted-brow, cutely-miffed, attitude is obviously one Mike finds adorable on smashingly cute girls. The slight leg lift is very coquettish touch. And as always, the infantile hair bow, Mike's symbolic "crown of innocence".

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