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CANVAS _PAINTINGS --Yes, Mike's done a few, and you can get prints of them

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About Azimuth Design

Mike James is the artist in ownership of Azimuth Designs and is a renowned pinups artist.  Visit the collection of pin up art, inquire on commission drawings, and more.

Note: In the past, we have found our products illegally reproduced. We have found our kits illegally laser-scanned for creation of CGI characters. This is copyright theft. Unless written permission for specific usage is obtained from us, or a proper licensing contract agreed upon and signed, Azimuth Design is within it's rights to take immediate legal action against the infringer. All original costume designs of both the kits and drawings are also protected under our character copyrights. You need to contact us if you wish to use, in whole or in part, any of our characters, stories or products for any reason, in any medium. We do consider licensing proposals.
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