"My Favorite Model"

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In November 2007, Goliath Books released a really super book, "My Favorite Model". 43 outstanding photographers from all over the world were asked to submit pictures of their favorite model. Mike chose Mica as he was shooting her at the time, and as he says, "My favorite model is the one I'm currently shooting."

"This well-crafted visual dictionary of beauty is 320 pages, and nearly every page took my breath away. I'm very impressed." says Mike "The editors chose images where the figure fills the frame and picture frame goes right to the edges of the paper. The effect is like the girls are bursting out from the book, like they're right there in your lap! Very sexy."

In the back is nice section on the photographers. "I can highly recommend this compilation" says Mike, "It's classicly simple...just packed to the gills with one knock out beauty after another. I suspect word-of-mouth will cause it to sell out quickly."

This is Mica, the model Mike chose. Nice eyes, eh?

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