Some of you have requested actual drawings from Mike. But he rarely gives pencils away because they're NOT the finished drawing. He does half his work digitally, after scanning in the paper drawing. I consider "originals" to be the product after digital manipulation.

But in an age where every visual artist is selling giclés, dye, subs, and ink jets, he get's it... few artists sell one-of a-kinds anymore. So, as a guy that listens to his customers, here we go, warts and all, presenting Mike's ORIGINAL LIFE SKETCHES.

"I go to a gathering of artists to draw realistic life nudes once a month. It's good practice. As you will see, some of these drawings are just quick 1-minute warm-ups. Others are shaded just a little. And a few are more finished. But no sketch in this section took more than 20 minutes."

"I have priced them according to: 1.) How large the drawing is. 2.) The quality of paper it's on and, 3.) How good I think the drawing is. ALL the drawings are on archival paper. Most are 18" x 24". Please bear in mind the obvious...these are one-of-a kind. Once sold, it's gone." --- Mike James

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