These drawings are culled from the best B&W drawings on the Jamesart webpages. The drawings measure 4" by 6". They are printed on heavyweight, brilliant white "archival" stock at resolutions HIGHER than offset printing. (The quality of printing will knock your socks off!)

Each print is removable from sleeve and suitable for framing. The vinyl-bound albums look and feel like old leather, with the classic raised spine and stitched (not glued) binding. The pages will never come apart. Each drawing is stored in acid-free, pvc-free sleeves, making these heirloom quality.

NOTE: These are hand-made "artist editions" direct from artist's studio. They are NOT offset-printed books, printed elswhere and only approved by the artist. These are not only created and signed by the artist, but PRINTED and ASSEMBLED by the artist as well. These albums are a limited edition COLLECTION of artist "prints" made by the artist himself.

Ask any serious art collector what THIS means, and he or she will tell you it is as near as you can get to owning original drawings. Once these 150 editions are sold out, that's it. The prices for them will probably double soon after. In ten years, they will likely be untouchable at 10 times the price.

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