"Dress Up" by Mike James

Though this animation runs only 6 seconds, it's 6 seconds of full-on gorgeous, Disneyesque-grade movement. The process Mike used is called "rotoscoping" where one draws a cell for each and every frame of a live video.

This is old school, cell-by-cell animation. In this case, 180 individually airbrushed pieces of art were done on paper. After the drawings were complete, they were they scanned into digital form. A BIG shout-out to Sean Henry of "Music for Cents" for his efforts in synching the animation timing.

What's here is a deliberately low resoultion version of the final animation. (We don't wanna give away the store :-) The original high resolution version is being saved for a feature-length documentary on Mike's girl art. But enjoy this mini .gif version....and note the copyright!

The animation may run slow on your browser. By dragging the animation to your desktop, and opening it in Quicktime, it will run at proper speed.


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