"The New Erotic Photography" (purchase it now at www.taschen.com)

In 2007, Taschen press released a fabulous new book, "The New Erotic Photography". Actually, to call it a book is an insult; it's a virtual encyclopedia! 608 pages, all color, of the best in current erotic photography. It's an exhaustive accomplishment organized by the great Dian Hansen and Eric Kroll, experts in the field. And as anyone familiar with Taschen books knows, Taschen's printing quality is unmatched.

Mike's promoting the book here on his website not just because he's in it (samples below), but because the book itself is a total marvel. Mike says, "It's not only that it's jam-packed with sexy photography throughout that blows my mind. The editor's and artist's TEXT is a total blast to read. It's just fascinating; a veritable treasure trove of information for anyone entering the field, or anyone wanting to know what the lives of photographers are really like. This book is an "atlas" of erotic art! And it could NOT be more entertaining."

Get this book!...from Taschen (above) or wherever you see it for sale, before it sells out!


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