Mike likes to stay busy. When there's a lull in orders, he does custom projects for folks who'd like his talents applied to their own pet project. Work-for-hire can be private or corporate, professional or casual. He does company logos and commercial work, but also kit builds, custom drawings, and even custom customer-sponsored photoshoots.

Below is a sampling of a few custom works he has done. As you might expect, most of it has to do with his forte, girl art. Take a look...maybe it'll spark in you an idea you'd like Mike to take on.


 Personal portraits

Naughty Painting

 Music CD Art

Sponsored shoot

Object photography

 "Kitbashing" a Mike James kit

Mike builds his own kits

Kit sculpted for hire

Modified build-ups

 Company Logos

Website Design

Lacross helmet

Speedboat art

  Video Cover Art

More video work

Artwork package


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