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Mike admits to being totally unprepared for Jessamyn. Hailing from Perth Australia this very petite 20 year old bombshell contacted Mike for a photo session. Mike said, "Okay", thinking maybe he could eke out a few good shots from this fresh face. What he got was not the neophyte he expected, but a virtual modeling TSUNAMI, a dynamo of incredible feminine allure and unbridled creativity. "I was awestruck by her." says Mike. "I hardly had to do ANYTHING but click the shutter. Jess was an endless stream of perfect poses and facial expressioins. She perfectly inhabited every costume she was put into as if she KNEW that character intimately. It was like shooting Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole Smith, where your job is reduced to just clicking the shutter as fast as possible. I got more usable pictuers from 1 day of shooting Jess than I generally get from 3 days of shooting. And what a NICE person. I can't wait to have this sweetheart back."

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