P286 Ponder

Get it? .."Ponder"?... she's both by the "pond" and she's "pondering"? ha x 2.
You know, I think Mike is hitting on all cylinders with Jess. These have ALL been 
stellar pics so far. Do you suppose she's a muse to Mike? Or is Mike's just getting better 
at his craft? Either way, I'm  super-appreciative. 
You know, you can find a LOT of girl's on the internet dressing in sexy outfits. 
You'll soon notice the same tired, catalog-bought outfits over again and again. 
One thing I like about Mike is that he always manages to cloth his girls in something 
a little different; this button-up denim shirt-dress for example. Unusual, and WAY sexy. 
Jess is so fantastically lovely here, I hardly know how Mike stands it.  

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