P287 Roof Bat

Mike admires Jess as a total pro, willing to do whatever is necessary to get the shot.
Now consider that this is the roof of Mike's studio/home; slick painted steel, 25 feet 
above ground, no gutters, nothing to stop or even slow a fall to a stone ground. 
And Jess is up here... in HEELS!  Mike says she was shivering scared, but that she went up 
there without complaint.... and took this REMARKABLE picture!
So, note to all you so-called "models" comfortably posing in your livingroom 
as your boyfriend clicks snapshots for your myspace pages, or you coddled, 
studio-cemented "models" who complain whenever you're not having "fun" anymore... 
THIS, is a model!
On a truly scary location shot, she not only does it, she freakin' BRINGS it! 

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