Azimuth Design is proud to present Mike James Photography.


Actually, it's a bit misleading to call these images photography, they are more like paintings.

In fact, we know of no precedent for Mike's technique.


First off, whether sculpture, drawing, or photographs, you can ALWAYS spot a Mike James' girl.

His vision is unique, somewhere between reality and Jessica Rabbit.

The body is usually insanely feminine, a virtual assault of sensuous muscle. And his figures are

always topped off by a beautiful, puerile, face, often expressing a clear emotion.


Conceptually, Mikes photo-creations are different from typical "pin-up" photography,

where the mandate is to simply to depict the female as desirable. Though Mike's models are

certainly desirable to begin with, he goes much further, to create a "Mike James character".


During the photo session, Mike controls everything. He applies make-up himself,

does the hair-styling, chooses costumes, accesories, directs posing, facial expressions

and gestures, right down to finger positions. As he puts it, 'I'm sculpting'.

He also does all his own staging, lighting, and shutter clicking. Not much is left to chance.

After the exposure is made, that's only about a third of the work.

This is where photography ends and art begins.

After scanning the photo into the computer, Mike spends literally DAYS creating a new image.

Maybe collaging parts of different photos together, a good head from here, a great leg from there.

He paints in transitional areas, thens stretches limbs, adding muscle definition, changing colors,

maybe new backgrounds. Inch by inch, he digitally "paints" a new picture. When finished, there is not

a single millimeter of the image that has not been radically altered. Sometimes,

the original source pics are unrecognizable. But after days of work, the final result is once again,

photo-realistic. You'd swear a girl with this face and body actually exists, but it is usually

about 50% painting...a testiment to an excellent craftsman.


Many assume that Mike is lucky enough to find models that have figures and faces

like his kits and drawings. But actually it is HE that first physically, and then digitally,

impresses his vision onto the models. Such manipulation is not technique for technique's sake.

Mike simply utilizes these techniques to get to the very core of feminine allure.


He is acutely aware of the deeper psychology of image creation as well.

Each image often has subtle things going on, things you'd not notice unless pointed out,

things that effect you on a subconscious level. The result is that his images often have a way

of getting hard-wired to your brain. For instance, look closely at the hands.

There is often a world of communication going on with their gesturing.


In answer to the most frequently asked question:

Mike's photography is NOT used as reference for kit sculpting

Mike has never sculpted a living person, or even used life as reference.

The photography is an entirely separate endeavor, an end unto itself.


More of Mike's photography is being made all the time.

Just check these pages for new additions periodically.


Note: You cannot find these products anywhere else!


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