13 inches high! (33cm)
5 solid resin-cast pieces
Customize your own base!
Detailed, Full Color Assembly and Painting Instructions.
Certificate of Authenticity signed by sculptor.

plus $40.00 shipping and handling. Make check or Money Order for $210.00 payable to Azimuth Design and send to:

About Azimuth Design

Don't Miss! Click on this black box to view the INSTRUCTIONS
for building Kami kit.

We have had a lot of illegal knock-offs of our kits sold in foreign countries.
Remember, Azimuth Design only sells directly to the customer, not in stores. If your kit does not include
the Certificate of Authenticity below, with the Raised Seal and personally-inked signature of Mike James,
you do not own a Mike James original piece of art.
It takes a lot of time, skill and money to bring you these precious girls. Please support creators, not thieves.
Contact us if you suspect illegal activity, or if you see a Mike James kit or image being used for profit.

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Copyright © 2006  Mike James, Azimuth Design
The Beauty character, likenesses thereof, storyline, costume and all related materials are copyrighted 
and registered intellectual property of Azimuth Design. All rights reserved, in any media.