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One of Mike's very first ads

An ad that put Azimuth Design on the map

A knack for drop-dead sexy, eye-grabbers

Mike dresses up a model as one of his kits

A "Cyber-girl" Ad

A new brunette model

"Jungle" Tina

"Agent" Tina



A landmark time for Azimuth Design

Ad that shows new studio under construction



Mike's build-up makes cover of "Kitbuilders"

Mike's "Lost in Space" robot build-up on cover

"Bride" on cover of a famous issue

"Bride" on cover of Spanish kit mag

"Oona" and other kits reviewed in "El Mundo"Magazine

Cover proposal for a "Mike James Sketchbook"

Mike shot Erin as a cave girl



This is a long section for a reason ...Very few, if ANY Americans have seen the following. From 1998 thru 2001, Azimuth Design was featured with 3 or 4 pages in EVERY single issue of "CoolToys" magazine a wildly famous Japanese hobby and toy magazine. During this period, Mike sold more kits in Japan than even in the United States!

Mike's "Agent Venus" sketch headlines Vol. 2 of "CoolToys"

"CyberGirls" and kits

A collage-page featuring Mike's work

A Japanese hobbyshop advertising Mike's work

"Sedusa" is a hit in Japan, as evidenced here

"Sedusa" featured inside magazine

Some great "Sedusa" drawings

Mike and "Bride's" intro to Japanese market

More on "Bride"

"Bad Tabitha" in CoolToys

"Kiko" and "Guinevere" drawings

Mike introduces "Cricket" to Japanese market

Pics of Mike sculpting "Cricket"

"Agent Venus's" laser rifle

Mike and Venus

Flying "Oona"

Painting "Oona" and prepartory sketches

Tina is HUGE in Japan

Tina gets dedicated Cooltoys page "Tina's Room" in EVERY issue