A key cover. The publisher of "Kitbuilder's" asked Mike for a picture of one of his kits in-progress sculpts to put on the cover of a "Sculptors" issue. But he said he didn't want it to "look like" one of Mike's kits, and also that Mike was not to be one of the featured sculptors inside. Mike submitted this half-sculpted close-up of "Bride". (Many thought this was the best cover ever, of Kitbuilders Magazine.)

Not only was Mike not a reviewed sculptor in this issue, no review of Mike or any his well-known line of kits EVER appeared in this publication,.. ever. Conspicuous indeed, since Mike was an acknowledged leader in the hobby, leading the girl-kit craze in America. Also a conspicuous ommission, since he had bought the back cover of nearly every issue this magazine for 3 years, making him the magazine's top advertiser. Also, since he had designed the magazine's mascot, "KB Kutie". Also, since he had provided art for 3 covers. But Mike never asked why.

That is, until the publisher publicly referred to this as his"shithead cover". After that, Mike never placed an ad in the magazine again. Within a year, the magazine folded. (It has since reappeared, but only as a shadow of it's former self.) It seems the magazine needed Mike more than he needed them.

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