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1/6 scale - 11 1/2" tall.
One solid-cast resin piece plus accessories.
Includes metal rings, rubber hose, mesh, etc.
Assembly and paiinting instructions.
Free "Violet Vixen" comic book enclosed with kit (N/A)
Sculptor-signed certificate of authenticity.

plus $20.00 shipping and handling
Make check or money order for $140.00 payable to Azimuth Design

Copyright © 1995 Mike James, Azimuth Design.
The Violet Vixen character, in whole or in part, likenesses thereof, storyline, costume and all related materials are copyrighted 
and registered intellectual property of Azimuth Design. All rights reserved, in any media.

Comic Book (No longer available.)

Each kit includes a 25 page Violet Vixen comic. Adult Material. Click on one of the sample pages below to see a closeup.

Congradulations to all of you who own this wonderful Violet Vixen comic. This ash can edition was hand written, hand drawn and hand printed by Mike James. There are very few of them out there so hang on to them. To find out more click on one of the sample pages above to see a closeup



Kit Instructions

1. De-finning. Since you are reading this, we'll assume you got the box open. First lay out all your white resin pieces. Let's see. There's, One big piece of resin, in a shape of a girl with a body that should be declared illegal. Find it? Good.

Now if you can quit oogling her body, it is likely you will notice casting fins and thin mold webbing holding things together. These need to be trimmed off carefully with an X-acto knife. The sketch below will help you identify all of them.

2. Small Parts Check. You should have a small plastic bag filled with these parts in your kit. Black netting for covering her head (she's very shy you know.) Five small metal rings, one is an oversized easy-access "pull tab" for zipper. Two dangle from her ankle straps (we can only dream what these are for) and two more for either side of her choker belt. Also a small length of black rubber hose (operates as power feed from the back pack to her baton.)

3. Cleaning. Now that you've cleared your little vixen of those pesky webs and located her little bag of accessories you can begin assembly. Okay, so there's no assembly. Find something else to do. Maybe look for tiny air bubbles that need filling. Or lightly sand her with some extra-fine 400 grit sandpaper. If you don't see anything else, either rub her down with alcohol, or give her a warm soapy bubble bath. This will remove any mold release that will prevent paint from sticking. As you're cleaning, be sure to reach into all her little crevices. (She likes Q-tips, they tickle.)

4. Replacing heels. This lady can stand on her own two feet just as she is, but sometimes, when she meets up with a ham-handed brute, one of her heels may break off. That makes her really mad. If you are a ham-handed brute and don't wish to see her really mad, you can fix her up good by replacing her resin heels with steel nails. It's easy.

Snap off about half of the existing heel. Using a 3/32" bit, carefully drill 3/8 inch deep into the bottom of each heel, making certain to get the same angle as the broken-off heel. Now, clip off the pointy ends of two 4D finishing nails so they are only 1 inch long. Note that you still have the nail heads; don't cut them off. Push the nails into the drilled holes unglued and stand her up on a smooth (formica) level surface. Letting the nails slide freely, adjust her to the point where she will be balanced, and use a rapidograph or other sharp marking device to mark the point where the nail disappears into the resin. Now, you can take out the nails, apply super glue and push them back in, only as far as your marked points. Notice that the tiny nail heads replicate perfect heel soles. Now just putty and retaper bulk of heel to flow naturally. Ta Da! Invincible stiletto heels! And, ooh boy, is she gonna' thank you later.

5. Painting. First, prime all with White primer. If you want the look of the reference pic, (super-shiney pants) these will need to be painted first. Go to an automotive supply store and get a small can of Gloss Black retouching Lacquer. It's the shiniest paint you can get! You'll love it. Tape-mask all belts, skin, hair. Spray her with a first coat, the INSTANT it looks wet, STOP! You do NOT want runs! Allow to dry for one hour at room temp only (don't use heat!). Apply the second coat, as soon as you get that glossy look again, STOP! Even though this paint will feel dry to the touch in minutes, do NOT handle for several hours. Also, do not clear coat this paint. It's tough enough for automobiles, it'll take any abuse YOU can dish out on her for years to come.

Now mask off pants with liquid frisket (Maskoid). Paint violet's flesh a pale orangey-tan with a darker rosey blush on the apples of her cheeks. We suggest airbrushing creamy white over her, uh... chestal globes. We also recommend spraying just slightly darker flesh tones into the crevices of her muscles. After her skin tones are perfect and smooth, seal lightly with flat lacquer (dull coat).

With a tiny brush do her face. Go slow. Seal with flat lacquer. Paint her hair opaquely with a base coat of light pink-tangerine and let it dry throughly. Do not seal. Now, mix a darker reddish brown wash, adding a few drops of cleaner to make the paint flow. Test a small area, the wash should puddle into the crevices. If it looks good, apply wash quickly all over hair. If the wash drips onto the face, its okay the clear flat lacquer will protect you.

Paint all belts on skin black, belts over pants, dark grey. The buckles and zipper are silver. Now she's ready for her final dating acessories.

6. Final Accessories: Metal Rings.

We'll start with the five metal rings. These little guys can get away from you, so you may want to take only one out of the bag at a time, or put them on a piece of tape. Each ring requires clipping a small section out to fit over the resin nub. Also, to get a really good glue contact, scrape the paint off either side of the tiny resin nub so that bare resin is revealed. The collar rings fit under the floatingbelt (see sketch bottom of this column.). Let the pant zipper ring dangle naturally down away from the pants. Same with the ankle rings.

7. Final Accessories: Cable.

There is a short Cylinder coming out of the left side of the power back pack. Stick one end of the power cable (black rubber cord) in here, gluing securely. You may cut the rubber cord to any length you think looks right, and test fit into the top of her power baton. If you put a little twisting tension into the cord you can get it to make a nice flowing "S" shape. Glue in place.

8. FinalAccessories: Netting.

If you rub the netting between your hands you can work out some of the starchiness. Then it'll be easier to work with Lay it over her head with the majority of the material in the back. Grab all the edges at the back of her neck and pinch it so that it stretches tightly across the face. Try to keep wrinkles off her face and keep the bottom netting above the choker strap. It may take a couple of tries to get it right but it will get easier each time. Once everything looks good, twist it together as tightly as possible with one hand and put a couple drops of super glue on your Lightly twisted knot. Hold in place as it sets (one minute). You can make the knot even smaller by wrapping tightly with black thread. Trim excess with scissors to make a sort of bow.

We have had a lot of illegal knock-offs of our kits sold in foreign countries.
Remember, Azimuth Design only sells directly to the customer, not in stores. If your kit does not include
the Certificate of Authenticity below, with the Raised Seal and personally-inked signature of Mike James,
you do not own a Mike James original piece of art.
It takes a lot of time, skill and money to bring you these precious girls. Please support creators, not thieves.
Contact us if you suspect illegal activity, or if you see a Mike James kit or image being used for profit.

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Copyright © 1995 Mike James, Azimuth Design
The Violet Vixen character, likenesses thereof, storyline, costume and all related materials are copyrighted 
and registered intellectual property of Azimuth Design. All rights reserved, in any media.