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20" tall! 3 1/2 pounds of resin!
10 solid-cast resin pieces
Beautifully illustrated instructions
4 posters of different outfit schemes
Sculptor-signed certificate of authenticity
Ribbons, earrings, decals included


$225.00 plus $40.00 shipping & handling in USA. Make total payment of$315.00 by Personal Check, Travelers Check, Cashiers
Check, or Money Order.

Call or write email to get foreign shipping price.

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We had great difficulty in deciding how to show Cricket on this web page. Every idea we had for painting her outfit seemed fantastic. To give you an idea of the options available, each kit comes with a portfolio of four beautiful posters, each showing Cricket with a different outfit treatment. Instructions on how to achieve each of these looks is included on each poster. Click on these thumbnails to see what we mean.
Baby Doll
Irish Lass
Naughty Vixen
Country Girl

Click on this picture to view Cricket's extensive
Assembly & Painting Instructions

We have had a lot of illegal knock-offs of our kits sold in foreign countries.
Remember, Azimuth Design only sells directly to the customer, not in stores. If your kit does not include
the Certificate of Authenticity below, with the Raised Seal and personally-inked signature of Mike James,
you do not own a Mike James original piece of art.
It takes a lot of time, skill and money to bring you these precious girls. Please support creators, not thieves.
Contact us if you suspect illegal activity, or if you see a Mike James kit or image being used for profit.

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Copyright © 1997 Mike James, Azimuth Design
The Cricket character, in whole or in part, likenesses thereof, storyline and all related materials are copyrighted 
and registered intellectual property of Azimuth Design. All rights reserved, in any media.