The Legend of Angelissa

To get the full story of Angelissa, it is advisable to read The legend of Sedusa first. For those who know the tale of Angelissa's sister, the first three paragraphs of this story may seem familiar.

Before he fell from grace, Lucifer was the most handsome of God's angels. Though banished from heaven, he retained his beauty and used it to evil ends. The devil's favorite way to capture a soul was to find a chaste woman, appear as a handsome stranger and seduce her slowly and relentlessly. Tapping into her fantasies, teasing her, drawing her out to the point where she would do anything for his affections. Leave her husband, kill her boyfriend, and eventually, trade her soul to be with him just one night.

Having humans betray themselves with their own God-given sexuality was particularly delicious to him. But it was a source of continual irritation that he could not also garner the souls of chaste men with his charms. Fed up, he devised a sinister plan to create a female no man could resist.

For centuries he roamed the earth searching for the perfect, most beautiful woman for this purpose. When he found her, he appeared to her and began to spin his web until she too succumbed to his charms. After their night of indulgent passion he told her he would return another time for her soul. Nine months later, two beautiful little girls were born to the woman. The devil promptly returned to claim the woman's soul and as a bonus took one of her children for his own, leaving the other on earth, stranded and motherless.

The child he took, he named Sedusa, and from infancy began training her for his devilish mission. The little girl he left behind, he assumed would eventually die of a slow and cruel starvation.

Lucifer's machinations, though seldom interfered with, did not go unnoticed by the powers above. Seeing Satan's plan, God decided that he would not allow him to upset the delicate balance between good and evil on earth. But rather than interfere directly, he saw a wonderfully symetrical opportunity to thwart the devil's efforts with an effort of his own. He sent a seraphim to rescue the stranded baby. He planned to raise the infant in heaven as a demi-angel. To train her as a foil to the gorgeous manipulating seductress the devil planned to launch upon mankind.

This girl, which God christened Angelissa, would, like Sedusa, be disarmingly beautiful, and effortlessy attractive to men. And she too would be educated toward an amorous mission on earth. Only, instead of teaching this child the venal intricacies of sexual seduction, she would be trained to gently restore love in men who had temporarily lost that capacity. Instead of manufacturing wicked lust, like Sedusa, Angelissa would be schooled in the more tender aspects of carnal desire, playfullness, tenderness, and gentle coercion. Locating a love-starved soul, she would be instructed to engage him, and slowly coil her goodness around him, until he was fully encased in her narcotic benevolence. Eventually, he would fall in love with her. This was the way God intended desire to be linked with love, in harmonious symbiosis.

Although not provided the power to read men's minds like Sedusa, Angelyssa would be given a weapon that had equal potential to captivate men. A simple kiss from her lovely lips was enough to trigger unimaginable orgiastic ecstasy. And this climax would be continuous as long as the kiss lasted. So devasatingly fulfilling was this kiss, that it evaporated any evil desire left in a man. She was cautioned not to abuse this gift and was instructed that it must be the man's choice to kiss her.

From infancy, puberty and early adolesence, Angelissa knew only the eternal goodness of heaven. And, though she never dared speak of it, a part of her secretly longed for her eventual release to the imperfect earth. Being offspring of the devil, she was powerless to stop the impure thoughts that sometimes entered her mind. Wicked thoughts of what she would like to do on earth. But she fought valiantly to supress these temptations. She wanted to be pure for her mission, so that when the devil decided to launch his evil protege, Sedusa, upon the Earth, she would be ready to balance that evil with goodness.

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