The Legend of Sedusa

Before he fell from grace, Lucifer was the most handsome of God's angels. Though banished from heaven, he retained his beauty and used it to evil ends. The devil's favorite way to capture a soul was to find a chaste woman, appear as a handsome stranger and seduce her slowly and relentlessly. Tapping into her fantasies, teasing her, drawing her out to the point where she would do anything for his affections. Leave her husband, kill her boyfriend, and eventually, trade her soul to be with him just one night.

Having humans betray themselves with their own God-given sexuality was particularly delicious to him. But it was a source of continual irritation that he could not also garner the souls of chaste men with his charms. Fed up, he devised a sinister plan to create a female no man could resist.

For centuries he roamed the earth searching for the perfect, most beautiful woman for this purpose. When he found her, he appeared to her and began to spin his web until she too succumbed to his charms. After their night of indulgent passion he told her he would return another time for her soul. Nine months later two beautiful little girls were born to the woman. The devil promptly returned to claim the woman's soul and as a bonus took one of her children for his own, leaving the other on earth, stranded and motherless.

The child he took, he named Sedusa, and bred her toward his single purpose. From an early age, her every waking hour was spent in training. Locked in her bedchamber, away from all distraction, her father drilled her incessantly on every technique of seduction and erotica. She learned to dress, move, speak, even breathe for but one purpose.

He explained to her the weakness in all men and taught her how to exploit that weakness. He showed his daughter how to dig into the dark recesses of a man's mind, locate his most hidden desires and tease them to the surface. And once that person's carnal lusts were exposed, he showed her how she could play with him like a toy.

The devil revealed to Sedusa how to perfectly tailor her actions to the hidden wishes of her victim, by looking for those lustful thoughts they tried hardest not to think. And then, respond, with every whisper, every flirtatious gesture, every mouthed inuendo, exactly how that person secretly wished she would respond. Her father told her how she was to make herself inescapable; always present, stoking the man's fire, touching him, coyly planting naughty thoughts, chipping away relentlessly at his resolve, all the while insinuating her willingness to fulfill his most wicked desires.

He taught Sedusa how she could frustrate a man cruelly by building him to a needy crescendo, and then suddenly stopping, leaving the man to stew pitifully in his own boiling testosterone. And to do this to him again and again, never delivering satisfacton.

The devil counselled her, "You must tease him mercilessly, until you are not only the subject of his every waking thought, but of his dreams as well; until nothing exists for him but a raging desire for you; until, finally, he will beg for the chance to trade his soul for you. This, my beautiful little protege, is the sweetest of victories. His eternal curse will come from his own lips. But know you this, my sweet child; never, must you consumate with a man."

Year after year passed. Under her father's insistant tutaledge, Sedusa honed her skills to unworldly levels. now, at sixteen, she was virtually a seduction machine; and Satan decided, it was time. He launched upon the world his deadly daughter. A ravashing young girl, half human, half demon, trained like a magnificent animal for only one purpose, to gather the souls of men for her father. Given this sinister heritage, would her human half stand a chance?

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