Mike's resin-cast girl kits are among the most famous in the world. We think you'll enjoy these in-progress production pictures. There's even a finished kit in here, visitors to the Jamesart webpages have never seen.

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Mikes very first kit; "Sedusa, the Devil's Daughter"

Making a parts mold

Samples of various sculpts

An early stage of "Agent Venus"

Creating "Bad Tabitha's" cute/sexy pout (the drawing)

"Bad Tabitha's pout (as painted sculpture)

Cast cleaning multiple"Kikos"

Painting a custom "Arora" kit for a customer

The "finished" commissioned Arora



This is a real treat...behind-the scenes pics of what is probably the most successful resin girl kit in the world.

Getting started from a sketch

Three stages of "Bride"

A nice Close Up

All sculpted but the clothing

Close up of the head



The "to-scale" sketch and armature wire

Working out the skirt shape with polaroids

The near-finished piece

Cricket gets bangs



Figure, primed and ready to paint

A "bookend" shot used in KB Kutie ad

Frontal view, fully painted

Close-up view