The following are "behind the scenes" pics from Mike's photoshoots. This is a really interesting section we think...if for no other reason than that it's full of pretty girls. But it also gives you a pretty good feel for the work done. Enjoy.

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Most of these pics are shots of Mike applying make-up to his model, Heather

Enhancing eyebrows

Applying eyeshadow

Touching up with eyeliner

Applying lipstick

The completed look

Super-cute Heather, ironing her blouse

Rachael in the make-up chair

The "sweet-girl" look



Heather selects a bra

Awaiting for her bed scene

Naughty witch

Pose instruction

Cute Miss Yang chooses a dress

Dressing Room...Jasi's new panties

Jasi getting dressed

Taking a break just off set

A tea-break for Schoolgirl Jasi

Erin and her roomy Jessica relaxing

A "sneek" shot of Rachael and Jasi having fun.

Tina digging into Mike's make-up kit

Tina at make-up table with finished make-up

Mike shooting Tina in bed

Lunch break for Tina and Mike

Tina in a James-designed dress drinking coffee

Marie in black rubber on set

Swimsuited Marie on set

Sean and Tina on set

Tina, a "true" patriot

A great unstaged leggy shot of Jasi with Mike



Sample of "Minimal" retouching

Sample of "A-little-more-than-average" retouching

Sample of "Maximal" retouching

A commissioned retouching job, multiple figures

Satan's Sorority retouching (for ei Cinema)

Samples of retouched faces

An elaborate bit of photocomposition and retouching