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Mike has a knack for coming up with some sexy things for his models (and his kits) to wear. Some of what the models wear are store bought items, Many more are "modified" store bought items. And some are completely custom made from scratch. Mike sews and has a creative eye for fashion. Recently Mike discovered a remarkable seamstress in Isabelle Jorgensen in Provins, France. She is creating many designs from Mike's sketches. This is a team-up made in heaven



A few Super-cute designs

"Character" costumes

Some formal (but very sexy) evening gowns

Black outfits

Sweet "Ballerina" outfits


A FEW IDEAS REALIZED (more to come)

Mike at the sewing machine

Cutting a pattern

A finished "cheong sum" dress

Isabelle creating a Mike James gown

Ultra-sweet Babydoll dress