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Mike has been creating what he calls "CyberGirls" since 1994. Everybody uses the term cybergirls now, but he could may have been the one to actually coin the phase...after all, 1994 s ancient in computerese.

Mike's Cybergirls are cobbled together from various sources. He keeps an extensive picture-file, eyes, faces, bodies, legs, dresses, props, backgrounds's like a "parts" shop for building a whole new character. He also borrows from his kits and his own photography. Then he pieces parts together like a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein and digitally airbrushes them together seamlessly.He almost never markets the resultant him they are just play...a way to come up with new characters. Below are some examples.



Building a real "Sedusa"

"Sedusa" dressed for a night on the town

Sunbathing "Sedusa" check out this wicked sunsuit.

A Cyber "Angelissa", used on the character's comic cover

Another Angelissa

The famous Cyber -"Bad Tabitha" Poster

A buff Kiko



Sedusa Face for advertising

A bubblegum Cyber-girl

"Candyass" close-up

Cybergirl, "Baby Blue"