The following are pictures of the Mike's studio, it's local, and some shots inside. Also, there's a few sample pics of a trip he recently took to visit some friends in France...yeah we know, "vacation" pictures.....zzzzzz. But seriously, there's only a few, and we think you'll enjoy them.

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An aerial pic of Mike's hometown in Pennsylvania

An nice, aerial pic of the Mike's property (shows his beaver pond)

A panoramic shot of the studio from outside

The autumn colors are beautiful, a pic of Mike out on his deck

There is wildlife galore, here are deer, which can be seen daily

The beaver pond is beautiful... Spring, Summer, Fall.,..and even, Winter

A fun, multiple-exposure (Mike's proud of his deck project - ed.)

A local ice cream shop opens, Mike does the signage

A baby bear crosses the road in front of Mike's home

A telescope picture Mike took of Mars



The studio's Storage area

The large studio area (set up for a photoshoot)

The room Mike "sculpts" in

Pin-Ups on the Sculpting room walls

"Command Central",(Mike's office)

Mike's workstation. Customer emails are answered here, often by Mike himself.

The living area's kitchen

A goofy shot, Mike wearing "Sedusa's" horns

Pretty Rachael, on a photo-break down by the beaver pond.

A nice meal out with one of his models

Mike's hobbies...he built this bed from a large block of cherry wood



Mike's contribution to a community sculpture project

A very "heavy duty" chair

A birdhouse fit for a Phoenix



Where Mike stayed,.. his host's wonderful house in Provins, France

Mike at "The Louvre", Paris

Georges Pompidou Art Museum

Manga Convention at Porte Maillot

The lovely Jorgensen family

Mike with 3 lovely girls

An impromtu family portrait

The videogame industry's BEST customer :^ )

Philippe, the "French Mike James"

Mike's 2 friends, Philippe and Nico

Provins France, a remarkable, ancient city

Tour Cesar, in Provins

View of Provins from Jorgensen house


Isabelle and Natacha