PA02  Li'l Devil 

(17"x 30" color print on heavy, handmade, archival paper. $160.00 includes domestic USA shipping. 
Add $30 shipping for  foriegn orders.) 

This is Jasi, (pronounced: Jay Cee), formerly Roxanne, now using her given name, a pretty name.
The original of this is NOT on canvas but on illustration board. But since it's "painted" we're including it 
in the painting section. It was done as a cover idea for a sketchbook of Mike's drawings. This skimpy little 
teddy shows off Jasi's lithe body to great advantage. We love the little black pumps she brought with her.
That steamy piercing gaze makes us weak in the knees. In real life, Jasi's crystal blue eyes are dynamite
with her red hair. No, she doesn't REALLY have those three, sexy "nubbins", we added those. 
But ya gotta' admit it turns her into one cute "Li'l Debil". Get the print...she's practically life size!

Close up of face

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