P095 Teacher's Pet

What teacher could possibly concentrate on lessons with THIS in the front row?
Here's where Avery's leggy-ness really pays off, every luscious inch exposed for view.
The sensitive environs around the precious little "I love you" heart, are dead-center
of the composition. The writing-top of the desk functions as a sort of net, from which
the eyes ping-pong back and forth, between that glorious smile, and her
enticingly provocative panty message...a compositional masterpiece.

We're breaking form here for good reason.
The picture below is a PERFECT example of what Mike was speaking of regarding 
Avery's knee-buckling smile (in the "Bed Story" text). The sweet drop of the lower lip, 
the pink tongue pressed against the teeth...gggggh!...just freaking BEAUTIFUL!

Also, this rare closeup shows those of you who have NOT purchased a print yet,
the details you can miss until you see these images in the flesh...that's a
custom-made #2 "Avery" she writing with. : -)

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