P104 Pixie

We KNOW Mike loves this one because he has it framed-up and hanging in his bedroom. 
The land on which the Azimuth Studio rests is a 15-acre parcel that includes a wonderfully 
bucolic 20-acre beaver pond, where this picture was taken. Everything is PERFECT here. 
The lighting on Rachael's flesh could not be more buttery. Her expression, priceless! 

Here's some subtle genius...since Mike's an expert retoucher, consider how easy it would be 
for him to get rid of those wing straps. But he doesn't. Why? Because he knows that the 
little straps make the picture all the more innocent and charming . Any other illustrator 
would ruin that silly, "let's pretend" charm in favor of trying to convince the viewer this 
was a "real" Pixie, with real wings. Mike knows better, when NOT to use his skills.

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