P295 Wet Suzy

That was Suzy strutting her stuff in a faux-fur coat a few pictures back. 
She's got a bit less on here, but I'm not complaining. 
In that fur coat pic, it was evident Suzy has strong, meaty legs. I know Mike's a leg worshiper 
like me, so a bit strange that he would crop them out here. But again, not complaining. 
I know why he did it. Turns out, those big legs of Suzy's are needed, to support 
a prety fantastic posterior. Mike was merely honing his message. 
This composition, what I call a "dynamic duo" shot, never fails.... a girl shot from behind, 
displaying a fabulous ass, while looking back over her shoulder with a big toothy smile. 
Always a total killer. Just add water, and you've got a ridiculously hot Pin-Up!

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