P267 Sponge Bath

Woah!...how about "Sponge Bath Pointy Pants"?
Personally, I'd be mortified to have this beauty clean me in bed; there is simply be 
no WAY I could keep junior down on the farm. 
I just love what Mike and his models do. It is SO the direct opposite of what 
any other photographer would do. First, the model gets all sexied up; not just a little bit, 
REALLY sexy, like walking-wet-dream sexy. Then, they put the brakes on all that, 
and take the messaging in the opposite direction... as if she WASN'T sexy, 
but so sweet and so nice, only a cad would consider taking advantage.
That's what makes Mike and in particular, his fabulous models, what they are...
the world's best, rockin'est, Pin-ups.

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