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Mike once explained to me something about clothing that has no secrets. 
Specifically, he was speaking of his space-girl sculpture, "Agent Venus".
Agent Venus's body is sheathed in a skin-tight, skin-thin, uniform. Her pretty face is "jailed" in a bubble helmet.
Literally EVERYTHING is on display, but untouchable. He says, "That's a maddening tease."
"Maddening" is the exactly correct word.  
In this suit, Rachael looks MADE for love-making, her body on full, open display, yet denied to the touch.
 Her legs positioned languidly. One hand resting gently on her warm belly, the left arm opened for receiving you.
But the kicker is the look in her face....close-up here please, Mike. 

And there it is....Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! 
Bedroom eyes and a full, kissable mouth.

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