P171 Signals

"Wow, very angelic. This is one of Mike's "sweet and innocent" pics. The cute 
and prim little nautical dress, the double hair bows, the shy, tilted head, and dainty fingers. 
I instantly get it. But then,... I see the title,...."Signals"?  For what? 
I take a second look, noticing the strategic placement of the buttons. Subtle, sexy. Okay. 
Then, I look again the shape made by her fingers,...Oh!  Naw, it can't be...d-d-doubles? 
I quickly re-assess the look on her face and realize,...maybe it's not SHYNESS in those eyes!
I now conclude that this is one of the most deceptive pics Mike has ever done.
I  passed it off as pure Yin. I should know better than to forget his everpresent Yang.

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