Azimuth Design is proud to present Mike James Drawings.


Mike has been doing female drawings since he began sculpting female kits.

He keeps a small sketchbook in his wallet at all times, doodling in it constantly,

sometimes from life, often just freeform, when waiting in line or something.

Once home, he works up the drawings.

Sometimes these drawings become kits. For instance, the "Agent Venus" pose

came from a girl he sketched leaning on a fire hydrant. When it's time to sculpt,

he simply chooses a drawing from the, literally, hundreds he has.


For years, customers coming to the Azimuth Design studio to purchase kits were

treated to a peek at Mike's sketchbooks. He'd ask their recommendations for his next kit.

The response is always the same...they wanted very much to buy his drawings.

Of course he could not tear pages from his sketchbook.

In response to this, Mike is finally taking his sketchbook public, in the from of art prints.


Though many artists today claim to produce "limited edition" art, 9 times out of 10

they are just offset press repros on regular press stock. Such prints don't come close

to the quality of Mike's prints. Few "artists" possess Mike's professional printmaking credentials.

In addition to a Masters degree in Fine Art, he also has a diploma in the Printmaking Arts

from the Central School of Art and Design in London, England.

He knows TRUE print connoiseurship.


These drawings are not mass-produced. Each individual image is hand-printed

by the artist himself, one at a time, on heavyweight French Arches or Fabriano Uno paper.

This is museum-quality, hand-made, 100% rag, acid-free paper, the best art papers in the world!


As age-old printing tradition dictates, each print is emboss-sealed with the artist's

personal stamp, then, titled, numbered, and signed "in graphite" at the bottom by the artist.

This is important. It is the artist's legal, unreproduceable, guarantee to the purchaser and public

that only 250 of each image that size will ever be produced---no reprints, ever. Now THAT's a collectible!


Mike's prints will stand up to a lot of abuse. But, to treat them with the

care with which they were printed, here are a few tips:


Instruct your framer to let the graphite information at the bottom be visible.

Keeping this information visible lets viewers know you've got a piece of valuable art.

Also, tell your framer to use "acid-free" backing and matte board. Make sure the printed

surface does NOT touch the glass or Plexiglas. This lets the print "breathe", very important.

If you keep the print away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and dampness,

you will not see it degrade or yellow in your lifetime, or your children's lifetime.


More of Mike's drawings are being made all the time.

Just check these pages for new additions periodically.


Note: You cannot buy these products anywhere else!

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