D0196 Rear View

This image so grabs you by the throat, it's easy to miss all the subtle subtexts.
One, she's obviously a tease, taking her wicked little butterfly-bow shorts out for a spin. 
Two, she's got you right where she wants you. Going uphill as she is, does double duty,
it pumps her legs up to buldgeing sexiness and simultaneously slows her pace to a crawl
(and the yellow line means you can't pass). So your're stuck! with her pornographic exhibition! 
Forced to watch as each globe of her voluptuous ass, see-saws up and down, over and over 
again,...pivoting on that tightly-bound purple mound.That alone could make a Pope pant. 
But the kicker here is what the "rear view" mirror is reflecting... Jeezus, that tongue 
might as well be poking into her ass.

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