D0184 Bad Shorts

This drawing was inspired by one of Mike's models, a little redhead whose 
haircut he liked a lot. She also had a cute, pierced navel.

I love the outfit, the silly big bow, the sheer top, the microshorts, even the little heart charm.
The hipshot with hand carress is doubly sensual. But let's talk about the placement 
of her little fist. It can be read 2 ways, both sexy. If utterly unconscious (after all, it's a 
quite natural place to rest a hand) this indicates she's "subconsciously" libidinous. 
If not, well...consciously libidinous certainly works.
(BTW, that big "O" of her belt buckle contains more than a little message too.) 
Actually, I don't know ANY other artist who can pack so many levels of messaging into 
something as simple as a girl just...standing there. 

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