D0180 Rec Room

This tableaux inspires a little story. Indulge me. 
Home from a formal date, you've brought your lovely, lubricated companion downstairs 
to your cheesy basement rec room for a little nightcap. 
Cheryl, having already thrown back a few too many, is now faced. Her usual lady-like 
demeanor eroded so completely, that  even the basics, like concealing one's intimate areas, 
have degraded into a virtual "display" of them.. She's ripe for the plucking.
But,... no. There's something here, too sweet to spoil. 
Perhaps the tipping point is that childish hair barrette, or the gentle sadness of her gaze. 
As prepped for sex as this girl is, she's just too precious for such beastial behavior. 
I'd prefer to take this damaged treasure home and tuck her in, unspoiled.

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