D0178 Pull Tab

Is anyone else out there amazed at what this guy gets from a pencil?
I mean, it's like freaking airbrushing!...but, better somehow. 

Airbrushing provides superb detail and great 3-dimentionality; but it also has the 
unfortunate tendancy to imbue all surfaces with the look of cold plastic. 
Mike's pencilwork achieves that same convincing 3-dimentionality as airbrushing, 
but the little marks left humanizes the girl considerably by mimicing the texture of flesh. 
She appears softer, warmer than most airbrushed art. Even more astonishing is that this 
softness and warmth happens without the benefit of warm colors. 
And oh yeah, the subject matter. For connoisseurs of gloriously bulbous derrierres, 
(and lets be honest fellas, who isn't) this one's a total winner.

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