D0177 Lolita

Wow!!!  Simple. Clean. Beautiful. The perfect old-time mixture of innocence and sexiness.
But as usual, Mike can't leave well enough alone. As if this precious little seductress, maddeningly packaged in 
super-cute pumps, condom-tight knee-highs, flirty hair bow, and waaaay-too-short skirt, weren't enough to make a guy weep, 
Mike has to add a prop that indicates she has an oral fixation!!! I mean, come on! Show a little mercy!

Henry Cartier-Bresson's "decisive moment" (the effect that transports one right into the scene) is perfectly captured here.
You can practically feel this pretty baby gazing at you, scissoring her legs back and forth to steer your attention 
to her naked thighs. Oh, and one more touch, does that lable on the record say "Princess"? Ha, ha, this, is a retro classic.

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