D0146 Big Lollipop

Okay, here's a secret for you YOUNG gals out there. 
Men have a side to them women know NOTHING about...and that is...
We WANT to take care of you!
Make it easy for us to do that (as above), and we're yours....I guarantee it.
No guy on Earth will trade baby doll cuteness (above), for cool, hip, trendy, fashion.  
If you want friends to think your hip, mature, or fashion-forward, fine...dress that way. 
But if your goal is to attract boys, if you're young and decently pretty, take the 
fashion risk above and watch the magic. Guys will drool BUCKETS for you! 
NOTHING tops this look...it's like walking Viagra...a slam dunk! 
But be cautious, you might even attract a few girls. :-) 

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