D0128 Miss Muffit

...an airbrushed work...Super! Ha ha...First, I quickly scanned the little lady up and down 
drinking in her copious pulchritude (and no, that's not the name of the stuff in the bowl) 
and then my eyes found the spider and I laughed out loud. His expression mimicked mine....Yippie! 
Mike's silly humor is evident in that insect's face, and lest we be confused, the stump that is her "tuffet"
...and there's only "1"...no waiting. Ha! I'm only surprised the "curds and whey" go unlabeled. :-) 
Mike's an old school painter, he knows color and his choice of color here is light and wonderful....
full of Utopian innocence. A really tender illustration, astutely rendered.

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