D0126 Irma Vep

Ooo, nice surprise! I'm guessing a lot of you don't know Irma Vep. There's an classic, silent, French movie by the name "Les Vampires" about a female cat burglar, Irma, who prowls the rooftops of Paris at night. Her name, "Irma Vep" is a scramble of the letters in "Vampire". Unbelievable for the 20's, she's clad head-to-toe in skin tight rubber! (Anyone wonder where Catwoman came from?) The film was a scandal when it was released. But anyone who has seen this dark, grainy, flickering B&W film never forgets how super-sexy it is.

Vep was remade in the 90s by Oliver Assayas starring Maggie Cheung as the rubber-clad Irma and this time titled "IrmaVep". Interesting, but not as darkly erotic as the original.

Obviously, Mike has taken the vampire reference to heart, adding wings to his take on Irma's costume. I find amusing the complete reversal here of what clothing is for, i.e. covering the naughty bits. Here the clothing covers everything BUT the naughty bits! Ha. I appreciate that he decided to put in a facial closeup as well. Man,what a STUNNING image!

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